Harbour services

Here is information about the services that the Port Authority supplies to its customers. 
This is not a complete list but gives the general idea of the port's services.
Waste oil-, garbage- and additional services are provided by private companies.

Customers can request all services by VHF channel 14 or telephone +354 414 2300. 24 hours services telephone 825-2303

Pilot services

Pilot service is compulsory in the Port of Hafnarfjordur. 
After frequent visits to the port captains can apply for piloting their own ships to the port. It is in the power of the Port Authority to grant such allowances.


The Port of Hafnarfjordur has to Tug- or harbour boats to service its customers, 15-ton pull ant 4-ton pull. If required additional Tugs can be called upon from the neighbouring ports.

Line handling

Boatsmen from the harbour receive lines to our ships to the quays. On departure, they untie and let the lines go.

Freshwater supply

Freshwater supply is available at all quays in the port.

Connection to electricity

Connection to electrical power is available at almost all quays in the port.

Weighing services

The port is authorized to weigh all domestic catch of the fishing fleet.
Therefore the port has a 21 m 60-ton weighbridge and several mobile electronic weighing stations.

Waste oil

Ships and boats can get rid of waste oil in the port.


Garbage disposal is easy in the port.