Rate and prices

Effective from 1. Januar 2024


All vessels are to pay harbour dues if they enter the harbour or come within the defined harbour limit’s and also if the harbour services are required.   References to a vessel’s tonnage are based on its gross tonnage (GT) as defined in the International Tonnage Certificate of 1969 (ITC69)

On arrival and departure

One time fee:

All vessels pay 20,6 ISK pr. GT pr. arrival.

Pilot services:
Pilotage is compulsory in the port.
Pilotage to and from the port is 11.106 ISK plus 16,2 ISK pr GT.

Mooring services

Mooring fee in the daytime is 16.378 ISK and in overtime 23.786 ISK pr. servant attending (number of a servant’s decided according to vessel and condition, weather etc.)

Tug boat services:
Tug services are charged 14,8 ISK pr GT pr hour. Minimum charge is 62.186 to 86.051  ISK per hour (depending on the size of the Tug). The maximum charge is 411.414 ISK pr. hour.

Passenger fee                                                                                                                                                                                     

A passenger fee is to be paid for each passenger of a tourist vessel and cruise ship.  The fee is 245 ISK for each passenger.

In port

Pier charges:
Pier Dues are 11,6 ISK pr. GT pr day (each started 24 hours).
Boats smaller than 20 GT are charged 14.445 ISK pr month.
Boats between 21 - 75 GT are charged 22.710 ISK pr month.
Boats between 76 - 100 GT are charged 35.790 ISK pr month.
Separate boot in the Boat Marina is charged 18.617 to 27.280 ISK pr. month, depending on boat size.

Sailboats (guests)  17.000 ISK pr week or 3.300 ISK pr. day.

Cargo fees: 
Cargo fees are paid for all cargo loaded or unloaded to or from the vessel in the harbour area. Cargo fees are based on the total weight of cargo or the total value of the fishing vessel’s catch.

Group 1:
439 ISK per ton.
Petrol, fuel, bulk grain, salt, diatomite, bulk meal, cement, fertilizer, fish oil, fish meal and waste for recycling.

Group 2:
524 ISK pr. ton.
Not in effect at the moment.

Group 3:
890 ISK pr. ton.
Heavy goods such as sacks, iron and steel, fishing equipment, lubricants, marine products, agricultural products, seafood, raw materials for industry and construction.

Group 4:
1.050 ISK pr. ton.
All items not specified in groups 1 – 3 mentioned above.

Group 5:
1,27 % of the catch’s value.
Calculated on the total value of fresh catch landed onto the pier or into another ship within the harbour limits, for processing or further transport, including fish from fish-farms. For frozen fish, the calculation is 0,7 % of the catch’s value.

The harbour is certified for ISPS.
All cargo ships over 500 GT and passenger ships entering the harbour are obliged to comply with the ISPS code and act thereupon.
All cargo ships and passenger ships complying with ISPS are charged 62.122 ISK pr arrival and stay.
All cargo will be charged additionally 20 % for ISPS.
Requested watch services will be provided and charged for on a time basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Passager protection 245ISK for each passenger.

Additional Harbour Services

Working hours:

Normal working hours are from 08:00 to 17:00 on all Icelandic working days. All other time is defined as after hour.
Any requested services between 17:00 and 08:00 on weekdays and at any time on weekends are charged 9.342 ISK per hour. For special works like security service 13.188 ISK per hour.

Weighbridge cervices: 
477 ISK pr. ton. Minimum charge is 2.844 ISK pr. weighing.
Additional fees will be charged for overtime services.

Freshwater services: 
833 ISK pr. ton. A minimum of 5 tons is charged.

Electricity services:
24 ISK per kWh plus a connection fee 6.045 ISK at normal working hours and 9.342 ISK after hours.                                                                                                                                         High voltage 55 ISK pr kvh plus a connection fee 120.000 ISK


Waste disposal services:
Waste disposal services for all kinds of waste are available and will be charged according to the type and the conditions of the waste.

Waste management and disposal charges

The Master or the owner of a vessel who wishes to unload garbage from the ship, cargo residues, oil remnants or pollutive materials shall request assistance from a recognized service provider agreed to by the Port authorities as regards receiving and disposing of the afore-mentioned waste from ships in the harbour area.

The Master, the owner of a ship or a service provider shall without fail hand into the Port authorities a filled-in form about the amount and kind of waste which is brought ashore.

Vessels shall call for a service provider to receive all waste and pay the cost of receiving and disposing of waste. Should the Port see to the receiving and disposing of general waste, a fee shall be paid for the service following this Article for each cubic meter of waste.  Should the Port see to receiving hazardous waste or some special waste which entails a cost over and above the disposal of general garbage, the party in question shall pay for the cost which occurs.

As regards vessels which fall under Article 11 c in the Act on the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea and Beaches No. 33 from 2004, these shall be charged as follows:

a. Waste management charge: At the arrival of a ship to a port, the ship shall pay ISK 0,61 per GT. This charge is meant to cover the supervision and handling by the Port when receiving garbage. The minimum charge under this Article is ISK 8.910 and the maximum charge is ISK 45.955,-

b. Waste management charge: The charge under item a. may be reduced if environmental management, design, equipment and the operation of the ship is in such a way that the Master can establish that less waste will occur onboard. A set fee will then be ISK 0,48 per GT. The minimum charge under this Article is ISK 9.132 and the maximum charge is ISK 22.977,-

c. Waste management charge: Ships and boats coming more than four times during the calendar year to the Port shall pay following item b. for their fifth and consequent arrivals.

d. Waste management charge: Ships and boats less than 60 meters in registered length, are not obliged to receive Pilotage services, and have a permanent presence in Faxaports of, shall pay a fixed monthly fee for the supervision and handling of garbage received by the Port. The monthly fee shall be ISK 9.132,-

e. Disposal charge: At arrival, all ships that fall under article 11 of Icelandic laws no. 33/2004 must pay disposal charge, whether or not waste is brought to land. The charge covers the treatment of waste brought to land. Passenger ships over 60 meters long must pay 1,92 ISK per gross tonnage.  The charge depends on the amount of waste.   Passenger ships under 30.000 gross tonnage 5m3.  Passenger ships, 30.000 - 100.000 gross tonnage 10m3.  Other ship must pay 2,4 ISK per gross tonnage.  The charge is supposed to cover the treatment of 5 m3 of waste.  Ships and boats less than 60 meters long which have a permanent stay in the Port of Hafnarfjordur shall be bound to an agreement which covers regulations regarding disposal of waste. Minimum charge is 65.892 ISK.

f. Disposal charge: Having disposed of waste with the help of certified waste management companies, the disposal charge can be refunded. The requirement for the refund is a receipt from the waste management company with information about the amount of waste treated.  The receipt must be handed in the least two days after departure.

g. The Environment Agency of Iceland can provide ships that have scheduled departures and frequent visits in harbours and show safe disposal of waste and pay for disposal of waste in every harbour on the sailing route, an exemption from delivery of waste, according to Icelandic regulation no. 120/2014.  The captain of the ship or its owner must show evidence of this exemption.

h. Any ships that are exempt from charge according to Icelandic laws no. 33/2014 (1.tl.2. mgr. 17. gr. and 11. gr. C-lið low nr. 33/2004) must pay for the reception at harbour and disposal of waste.  The minimum charge is 14.759 ISK per m3 and at least one m3.  Additional cost, due to treatment of any special or hazardous waste must be paid by the ships.